Hello to all of our lovely friends and followers! We've been out of commission for quite awhile, and I'm afraid this site has been a casualty of our absence. We'll be updating the site in the near future to give it a bit of a face-lift and to improve the content overall. That may take awhile, but expect a few incremental changes in the coming weeks, which will be detailed in this update section. Our blog section will soon redirect to our official Tumblr. In the meantime, for news and updates keep your eyes on our social media (links at the bottom of this page), as we're finally starting to get back into our game development groove.

Speaking of social media, we recently announced a livestream event that will be held this weekend, starting today at 6:00PM CST.We'll be broadcasting it on a whopping four sites at once:

More details about the itinerary can be found in our recent Tumblr post, and you can check into the event on our Facebook page.

Happy New Years! Ha, this is the second update in a row that's started with "Happy ____!" We missed out on a few holiday greetings, so on behalf of our entire team we hope that all of our followers and visitors had a great holiday season.

On to the site updates~ We've been adding support for different screen resolutions so that the site looks right on various devices. We'll be moving that over to the live version of the site sometime this evening or tomorrow morning. Another priority is integrating WordPress, which we aim to have done by the end of this month. That's about it for now, aside from a few cosmetic tweaks, so expect another update within the next week detailing what's been done.

In other news, we've decided to give a clearer separation between this update section and the blog, so updates to the site will be listed here, and company updates, project updates, and personal commentary from the team will be on the blog. We have a few updates to share, so please take a look, if you are so inclined.

Happy Unite week everyone! For those who don't know, Unite is a five day event held once a year for users of the Unity game engine. It's a lot like GDC (Game Developers Conference), but the discussion panels are tailored for Unity developers. For more info, go here.

Our CEO/Lead Programmer, Thomas Key, is attending Unite this year to represent Periodyc and T Is For Guilty. He's only there as a regular attendee, but he'll be able to talk shop and show our game in its pre-alpha state to a few industry folks, one on one. Of course, our primary reason for attending Unite is to learn about the future of the Unity game engine. From what little we've heard so far there's a lot of exciting stuff happening soon. Well, exciting if you're of the game-making persuasion (which we certainly are).

As for project updates on T Is For Guilty, we've been hard at work on character designs, level building, and platform puzzle crafting (not necessarily in that order). Be sure to check out our social media links at the bottom of the page, as well as our blog page, for snippets of game content that's in mid-development. Speaking of social media, we'll be bugging Thomas for Unite updates all week, so keep an eye out for photos and commentary each evening.

As always, thanks for stopping by! More news to come as it's available.

Attention to all of our guests and subscribers: We recently changed our Tumblr domain from periodycstudios.tumblr.com to periodyc.tumblr.com in order to shorten the URL and make it more memorable.

Ordinarily this would not affect our followers on Tumblr, and we updated our links on this and other sites before we gained very many watchers.

Unfortunately, an adult site has taken the former domain for itself and is using it to redirect to their main site. We are in the process of issuing said site with a cease and desist in order to eliminate the old domain name and prevent them from using our company name in the future for any sort of domain redirect. We apologize if this incident has caused any problems for our visitors. In the meantime, please make sure to update all of your bookmarks to periodyc.tumblr.com.

Hi people, long time no see~ This is Jennifer. We've been neglecting our updates lately, so we want to start making that up to everyone. We have quite a few announcements to make, but I'll save that for our Tumblr and blog pages. As for the site itself, I've corrected quite a few glitches and inconsistencies for our about and games pages, such as the official spelling of T's name (formerly Tii or Ti), and some odd problems we had with scrolling speed and image sizing.

But just so you don't have to click on a ton of links to catch up on our development work, here's a quick summary. We've hired on a new producer (Miss Renee Johnson~), solidified a lot of features for Project Titanium and its characters, and have arranged for all of our art team members to post at least one thing twice a month to all of our social media, whether that be screenshots, images, or just a text post. The updates will be at the discretion of the poster, so we'll probably have a pretty steady stream of development content. Please see the links at the bottom of this page to check out our social stuff!

Thanks for stopping by, and remember, we'll be at Comicpalooza this May with a booth for PErIODyC, and an art table for me~ (map and details coming soon).

Happy (belated) New Year! We hope everyone had a great Holiday season involving lots of loved ones (and hopefully presents).

The PErIODyC crew has undergone a few major changes, but all for the better. When we first started Project T all of our teammates were working from home, with the occassional in-person design meeting. But now we've moved into a new office space! This means the team can all gather in one place to get things done, with plenty of room to create and brainstorm. Also, Jennifer got a new Keurig:

Dat Keurig. Jennifer will probably share with the rest of the office if they help buy K-cups... (Maybe.)

In Other News, new development art has been added to our deviantART group gallery:

Obviously, all featuring our resident burly boss, Bahd! Be sure to check out our dA group for more info and artwork featuring the cast of Project T.

Last but not least, it has been brought to our attention by some of our visitors that our site has a scrolling glitch on iOS systems, especially those with touchpad interfaces. Thank you for letting us know! We're going to fix the issue and update the design a bit with the next update.

Welcome to the launch of our official site! Please make yourself at home and refer to our games or about sections for more information on our game development projects and team.

The site is still undergoing development, so come back often to check for updates and additions. Please take a look at our Tumblr if you're of the blogger persuasion~